Canon 5D Mark IV


Since the release of its first version, the 5D series has made a name for itself. When I was asked to try out the 5D Mark IV, I couldn’t wait to find out what extras the latest model in this series offered over previous ones.

For the field test, I decided to photograph the ice canoe challenge organized as part of Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebrations. A crowd had gathered to see the athletes launch their canoes onto the river and paddle their way through large chunks of ice. I photographed the event under snowy conditions and with the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in the background.

When I work, I need equipment that is efficient, fast and robust, especially for outdoor shoots. The 5D Mark IV being tropicalized, it’s protected against humidity and dust, so there was no need to worry about damaging the camera when it started snowing more intensely.

The sensor and image processor

The weather conditions were not favourable and visibility was poor. I knew that if they turned out, my images could benefit from this subdued and singular atmosphere. Thanks to its Digic 6+ processor and its 30-megapixel full frame sensor, the camera had no difficulty calculating exposure and providing me with clear, detailed photos with a wide dynamic range.

The autofocus system

Though the 61-point autofocus system has been improved, the real novelty of the 5D Mark IV is the addition of a dual pixel CMOS system. This technology allows for extremely precise autofocus in “live view” – in photographs, the focus is fast and precise, while in video, it’s slowed down slightly for beautiful transitions. Thanks to its touch screen, you simply press the screen to choose where you want to focus, and the camera follows the subject if it changes direction. When I produce a video, the autofocus system with dual pixel CMOS sensor makes all the difference.

Wireless connectivity

When I was done with my shoot, I used the “Camera Connect” mobile application to download a few images on my phone. Thanks to the integrated “Wi-Fi”, I was able to quickly attach these photos to an email and send them before I even left the site of my shoot.


I really loved working with the 5D Mark IV. Not only did it live up to the reputation of the 5D series, it takes advantage of new technologies inspired from the professional camera model, the 1Dx Mark II. Whether it’s for outdoor or studio shoots, it’s a high-performing camera from every aspect and one you can undoubtedly rely on.

In a few points, the 5D Mark IV is:

  • a full frame CMOS sensor of 30 megapixels
  • two Digic 6+ image processors (high ISO performance)
  • a touch screen of 3.2 inches of 1.62 million points
  • dual-pixel CMOS auto-focusing technology
  • built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS connections
  • 4K and Full HD video definition
  • a burst of 7 frames per second
  • robust and weather resistant construction