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About us

Zone-Image is a banner founded in 2001 that groups together a number of independent dealers with similar profiles, specialized in the sale of photographic equipment, that have united within the same network. They are all local owners who are quite familiar with their clientele and very much involved in their community.

The Zone-Image banner is part of Cantrex Group, the biggest marketing group in Canada, with more than 1,200 points of sale in the sector of photography, consumer electronics, furniture, household appliance, bedding, floor covering and home décor.

The Zone-Image store concept is the result of 3 years of market studies and an innovative team of designers, architects and photography specialists. The store was designed with the customer in mind in order to create an exceptional buying experience. The décor is pleasant, modern and evocative, unique in its kind and completely focused on photography (15 foot panoramic views of countrysides, exotic destinations, animals, etc.). The marketing focuses on the customer and encourages access to the products, allowing the customer to handle them for better understanding and feel.

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