Inserts supply visual clues

Videos are a great way to remember people, places and events that you cherish. The better your video tells the story, the more enjoyment you’ll get from sharing and showing it in the future. One unique way to enrich your videos is to make sure that you capture a lot of inserts that will really clue-in spectators on what’s happening.

All you need to do is capture 3 to 5 second close-up of some detail that reveals the story you’re telling. Take a few minutes before a trip or an event to make a list of what you think you need or might come across. With time, you’ll get into the habit of doing it every time, and you’ll also put yourself in a frame of mind to capture anything special that comes up.

Some good storytelling inserts are :
  • a close-up of a road map;
  • a roadside sign for a place or attraction of some sort;
  • a restaurant menu;
  • a beverage can or a specially shaped glass;
  • a ticket to a show or an event;
  • the scoreboard in a stadium;
  • a decoration, a piece of sports equipment, etc.

In addition to giving your final edit a more active rythm, short inserts are easy to add here and there, sometimes filling a lull in the visual action or a glitch in the image. Plus they do a lot to convey the mood of a place or time.

Imagine a video of two or three friends sitting at a picnic table. Imagine that we add an insert of a sign that reads “Golden Lake”, and another of a fishing reel. We’ve set the mood haven’t we?

Not only will you have a better video, but you won’t have to repeat, time after time, that « this is the fishing trip at Golden Lake.. », but that’s another story.